Atlanta (January 7, 2013)—LaTanya Quinn Ministries (LQM) is an urban outreach ministry based in Atlanta, GA that aims to reach women ages 18 and up, and bring them closer to God. The ministry takes to the streets of Metro Atlanta and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and weary.

LQM is a non-profit organization that prays with women who are in need of God’s love. Women are connected through a weekly Food For Thought web devotional, social networking posts, and weekly prayer calls, amongst other things.

Founder LaTanya Quinn is a humble servant of the Lord. Having survived divorce, depression and sexual impurity, Quinn is a changed woman. She has been called to speak, witness to and encourage women for Kingdom building. One year prior, Quinn’s goal was to strengthen her relationship with the Lord. Now, she has been blessed with a life changing testimony that she wants to share with others. Quinn was called into ministry and obediently accepted the call.

Quinn is a member of Beaver Ruin Road Baptist Church in Lilburn, GA under the leadership of Pastor Gregory V. Baker. She works with the Outreach Ministry and has a heart for giving. It is in this giving spirit that led Quinn to start her ministry.

God is using Quinn to do His will and help women who are struggling with their faith in an ungodly world. LaTanya Quinn Ministries is a modern ministry that is ushering in a new way to praise God using social media, blogging, and most importantly, fervent prayer.

Quinn is open to interviews, speaking engagements and may be booked for various events.


LaTanya Quinn Ministries is an non-profit 501(c)(3) urban outreach ministry for women, established on January 7, 2013, in metro Atlanta, GA by LaTanya R. Quinn. Our purpose is to empower, unite, uplift and encourage women to live a victorious life for Christ. Our teachings and principles are sound and biblically based. We spread the love and word of God through traditional and non-traditional means, which include witnessing, prayer calls, blogging, volunteering and social media. We realize that many women inside of the church are hurting, many have left the church and others have never stepped inside of a church. In many cases “we” are the only Jesus that many people will see.