Testimony Tuesday


Testimony LaTanya Quinn

S Dunner Writes…

Two years ago I left a job I didn’t love in search of a new journey to further my education. After being rejected by schools I found my way at THE ONE in which I BELONGED. I had a relationship before coming to Atlanta that I thought would last forever. Now, I will leave Atlanta with RELATIONSHIPS that WILL last forever, and my heart is forever touched and changed by the people I have met and grown to love.

On this journey I have learned new things about myself. Now, 2 years later I can see why God sent me on an assignment that I hated—working for a company where I felt unappreciated and dealing with family illnesses. I finally see why I had to fail over and over again—in love, life, and finances. I see that these CHALLENGES were merely preparing me for my greater.

I am grateful for the bad because the good has surely come. I am GRATEFUL for the people who said I would not finish my degree, shouldn’t go back to school and leave my “good job w/benefits,” AND I am especially grateful for the “teacher” in high school who told me I would do nothing but sell peanuts with my life.

I will not leave Atlanta with my MRS degree, but I will leave Atlanta with my MBA degree and a new family!

Thank you Lord for allowing me to lean on you, and SHOWING me the way in my darkest hours. All praises to the Most High for allowing me to see a day I never dreamed of coming. I am still a little girl from the hood, and I am constantly in awe at how God uses me.


L Quinn Writes…                                                                                                                                   

Three years ago I opened up my online art gallery. For the first four months I experienced a stream of steady business. Unfortunately, the months that followed were pretty silent—no inquires, no sales, and a crashed website. During 2 fasts I asked God if art is what I should be doing—each time He confirmed with a yes!

Eventually sales started to come in but rarely—I really struggled. In late Sept 2012 (after nearly 3 years of job hunting) I was blessed with a sales job. When I accepted that job I knew I was not to get too comfortable there. This is why the position didn’t match my skill level or come anywhere close to my previous salaries and commissions.

While working, in November 2012, I was blessed with my ministry assignment. This job also helped me to rebuild my work ethic, patience, sharpen my cold calling skills, restore my confidence in selling, and helped me to put away money that I would later need to live off of for the first 4 months of  2014.

I couldn’t keep my mind off of creating art or my ministry work. In early March 2013 I wrestled with splitting my time between school, an art business, ministry, God, and a full-time sales job. I knew it wasn’t possible.

April 30, 2013, 7 months after starting, I stepped away on faith. Within 90 days of leaving, my business began transacting regular sales and receiving inquires and I also launched the Christian art.

In December 2013, Othels Art Gallery sought me out, and I placed some of my art there in January. The owner Andrew, along with other working professionals in the arts encouraged me to increase my pricing. I knew it was time, per my business plan, and per my frustration with feeling overworked after a sale. Now I have pieces priced up to $2000.

When I left the corporate life, my desire was to trust God to provide for me through my gifts like He promised in Matt 6:33. It has been tough but a beautiful journey indeed. I am so in love with God and I love His Word. He is the owner of my business and I am his partner. That’s how this thing works. He’s in the decisions I make. He helps me to paint, tells me who to call, where to go, and what to work on.

In late April 2014 (a yr after my faith journey), God had a new upscale Alpharetta law firm to contact Othels Gallery. In the first meeting they liked 2 of my pieces, but wanted to see a variety of art. On the 2nd meeting Andrew (the gallery owner) took art from 5 other artists, but every single piece the law firm wanted would be from yours truly LaTanya Renee. They purchased 4 of my works. That was truly favor from God.

Oh and that’s not it! On May 24th, I secured a major art deal that I worked on for 2.5 months (from making cold calls to design firms) for a new construction luxury apartment complex in downtown Atlanta. The rent there goes well over $2000. Yes, I’ve already received the deposit and signed agreement—I’m working on the project right now!

God is sooooooo amazing LQM family!

Surrendering my dreams, desires, and life to the Lord completely has not been without struggle and sacrifice. The stripping, molding, waiting, testing, and refining process has been tough. But, one thing I can say with conviction is, I’ve received tons of blessings from the Lord in the days where I lived my own way. Now that I commune with God daily and truly keep Him first in my life, what I am experiencing now is far greater than what I experienced living life my own way. Matthew 10:39 KJV says, He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. True story!

To God be the Glory




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