Where Have I Been???

LaTanya First Speaking

LQM family I miss you, but I’ve been tucked away allowing the Lord to minister to me. Ever since the problems with my eyes, a few months back, I’ve endured some tough moments trying to bounce back. When I did get back in the flow, I returned with the Marriage and Singles Series (which I still plan to complete), while still dealing with some personal trials. When you answer the call God has placed on your life, you open yourself up to new challenges. They are intended to stretch you to reach the level and the people God wants you to minister to.

God knows what’s truly in our heart and we’re the ones that don’t. We think we’re fine, and though we may be in many ways, there is still something the Holy Spirit see’s that needs to come out of us. Sadly, mine was complaining and murmuring about something I’ve been dealing with for a while—what a conviction. I didn’t even realize it until recently. I’m just glad that I know what may have been blocking me from growing.

Tests are far from simple or easy. God will make sure we are 110% dependent on Him for every single need in our life, while being grateful and thankful for the good and bad, rather it turns out our way or not. God is our provider and walking by faith means that life is daily. As long as we have what we need for that day, let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. My life is pretty unmanageable to plan even a month ahead. Just like the manna and quail God rained down from Heaven to the Israelites daily—He wants our total dependency on Him to be the same.

Thank God that I have my strong Christian family in Detroit (my parents, sister and brother), and a couple of close friends here in Atlanta that have been encouraging me every step of the way.  They have not only been there for me but have helped me when I needed them most. They didn’t push me away (when I cried) while only praying for me (which prayer is still awesome). They rose to the challenge and went above and beyond with emotional and financial support.

Sometimes we have to let go and be still while the Lord performs His work in us. It’s often painful but worth it in the end. Overall I’ve still been working. I’ve been studying the bible a lot and I had my first speaking engagement through LaTanya Quinn Ministries on this past Saturday November 15th.

That moment meant a lot because my goal was not to initiate contact with any organizations, churches, or ministries involving speaking until my Heavenly Father felt it was time.

With my consultative selling background that was tough, but in obedience, I let God align that moment.

When you wait on God, you get more than what you could dream on your own. It was an honor and privilege to be used as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to get His message to those in attendance. Galetha Beard and the Women of Vision team were amazing. I was blessed by the opportunity more than they can imagine. The topic was “Daughters Are You Walking in Your Destiny or Defeat?”

The speaking moment reminded me of my blessings and that I am aligned with the plan and destiny God has for my life. I can also look back and reflect on how far I’ve come and how the Real, True, Living God has transformed and is transforming my life with His power. Regardless of my past, I am not a victim but a victor! Regardless of those that hurt me along the way I thank them! I thank them for pushing me into my destiny. Now that I know who I am, nothing can stop me. My being here was planned by God, so I am not an afterthought. I am looking forward to the future He has for me. In the meantime, I want to let you know that I love you and I thank you for being a part of my journey.

If you are in need of prayer during this time in your life, please reach out and we will be honored to pray for you! God Bless

Lord I Need Your Strength

I’ m learning that I can truthfully and realistically do nothing apart from God. I say this because the higher and the deeper our relationship grows, my total dependence upon Him is evident.  Though I recall stating this truth countless times in my past, for some reason it just sits different with me now—especially after stepping out on faith to work for self again.

When I did so in the past, I was not totally souled out to Christ. I also realize that it was only by His grace that I was able to stand during those times—financially and emotionally. So, if I know God as being anything to me, I know Him as my provider. You see, as His love and His Word has matured me, He’s taken off the training wheels and let me see who’s really in control of how I function day-to-day. I assumed I could get by on autopilot some days with one prayer in the morning, but it hasn’t quite worked out for me that way. On other days, I’ve tried to get through without asking Him to empower me with His all sufficient grace that ultimately gives me the strength and ability to work as He commands.

It’s not that He has not already supplied me with everything I need to make it through each day, but I still must ask for it. I have to pray for His strength to be triggered in me and His will to be accomplished through me. If not, it won’t be possible for me to survive in ministry, a business owner, or a soldier for Christ.

Over the weekend I read at least one hundred pages in a new book I purchased by Stormie Omartian entitled Prayer Warrior. As I read it, I was reminded of how we must stay actively engaged in this very real spiritual warfare through prayer and study.

I cannot just expect to get up and think that I will automatically feel like working because I am working from home. Yes, I am grateful that I am able to focus my time on something I absolutely love by building the Kingdom through art and writing—but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The level of discipline is more intense compared to the past. It’s nothing like going to work for an employer. Not to mention, the emotional part of it will wreak havoc on you if you aren’t seeing immediate returns on your work.

The stakes are much higher now. Not only do I now serve the Lord with all of my heart through my gifts, but it’s detrimental that I stay on course. Why? The enemy wants to keep me negative, distracted, tired, lazy, unmotivated, uninspired, and undisciplined.

When we mix all of those things up in a big pot, they equate to being broke—depressed—hopeless, and ultimately a failure!

The evil army wants me to lie in bed and be slothful when it’s time to get up to work. Just think about all the times you want to stay in bed when you need to go to work. Now just imagine if you worked for yourself with no human boss. Hmmm…it would become rather easy to waste valuable time and slack off and then get mad at God when money isn’t coming in.

Therefore, I keep entrepreneurs and kingdom builders in prayer because I know what they go through. I have so much respect for them for staying the course until they get the results that they envisioned. Thank God for them!

It’s real out here. There is an enemy that wants to discourage me from working by faith. He wants me to waste my opportunity, time, resources, and God given talents. But, as long as I keep God in His rightful place, do what’s required of me, and lean on Gods abilities opposed to my own, the father of lies won’t win.

What about you, what are you allowing the enemy to keep you from doing?

Whatever it is, you must take it back from Him by force. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in now. Take back everything He’s stole from you starting today! Reclaim your peace, finances, dreams, motivation, confidence, family, strength, discipline, and closeness with the Lord.

I already know that you are capable of doing it because you don’t have to depend on yourself. Just depend on the One who has all power in His hands.

Again, I thank you for reading as I share my heart.

Prayer Request: I humbly ask that you include me in your prayers. I am requesting prayer for God to immerse me with His supernatural power to stay the course in ministry and business as I walk by faith and not by sight. I thank you in advance for your consideration.



Creating New Art



Sometimes I’m really slow to update my journal post on my blog. Life happens and I have never been that huge on writing a whole lot. Writing the weekly devotionals are enough (lol)—trust me. On top of that, I recently re-launched my online art gallery and I do have a personal life. That means that I desire to grow my business, perfect my artistic abilities, and grow in my relationship with God as well.

I discovered that I have a huge passion for modern art nearly three years ago. Since then I have not been able to stop painting. The connection with the blank canvas is divine. It’s a gift that I am happy to share with the world.

At the moment I’m walking on a faith journey (which started May 1, 2013), and I’m trusting God to provide for my needs through selling my original art. Not only is working for myself challenging, tough, and requires lots of discipline—it cannot be done without constant communication with the Creator.

I am currently working on wrapping up the introductory phase of my Christian Art line. Gee wiz, this project was rough and pushed me past my original deadline. Some think that creating art is just a fun easy going thing to do—not so—it requires a lot of work and mistakes are made. If I dare to grow and perfect my technique and craft, it will take a lot of experimenting, time, practice, mental energy, and physical labor. To grow into a regularly income generating business, that’s another level of grind.


After a day of creating I occasionally get sore and feel mentally tired. When art doesn’t turn out as desired it can work my nerves. However, I love being able to do something that I’m passionate about, so I do not complain about the process. When I am creating, whether writing or painting, I am fellowshipping with God. These are moments in which my spirit man communicates with my creator.

I hope you will enjoy the art I’m creating. Christian Art will be available for purchase starting @ $49.99 Tuesday August 20th on http://artbylatanyarenee.com also you can place an order for custom art with your favorite scripture and colors. These make great gifts for friends and family.


First Lady Meagan Good Stuns Christians With Her 2013 BET Awards Dress

Photos Courtesy of Huffington Post. Read the entire article Meagan Good Cleavage-Baring, Low-Cut Gown Stuns At The 2013 BET Awards

I was able to catch a tiny glimpse of the 2013 BET Awards last night, and I was wondering what the bloggers and fellow Christian women would be saying about the revealing blue dress, sported by the first lady Meagan Good. This dress left nothing to the imagination—nothing. Not sure how pastor and husband Devon Franklin felt about the dress, but he held her tight as they posed for the camera on the red carpet.

Television personality, businesswoman, mother. and wife La La Vasquez Anthony was covered up in a classy dress, while presenting the award for Best Gospel Artist, along with Good.  On Facebook, The Real Husbands of Hollywood page posted a photo of Meagan and her show stopping dress, and the people weighed in with their comments on the newlywed. Facebooker Kinko Spirit wrote, “ First off…that dress for a pastors wife is a NO…NO…..if she wasn’t a pastors wife Then Yes…Great dress….remember people go by what you tell them so you say you’re a pastors wife  then you’re a pastor’s wife. If you say you’re a single black actress, then you’re  a single black actress”

Tye Earls wrote, “ For those BELIEVERS/CHRISTIANS or whatever you call yourselves, that thinks that this is okay, LORD HAVE MERCY ON YOU!!!! Meagan is wrong on ALL LEVELS for what she has on and it’s sad to say that most of ya’ll accept this type of behavior!!!! She is a PASTOR’S wife for goodness sake and she should have worn something far more appropriate!!!! As a pastor he should know better as well to allow his wife 1st lady to dress like that!!! Hell I’m like Cedric the entertainer “where they church at so I can attend!!!” We as a society has completely forgotten about GOD and we ALLOW/EXCEPT anything knowing it’s WRONG!!!! Smh….”

What do you have to say?

Journal Entry 3

I know I haven’t updated my journal in a while, but I have experienced some life changes so the month of April and May have been very hectic. I followed the voice of God to make some major decisions in my life. I decided to trust God all the way with my future so this required a leap of faith, silencing the naysayers, and leaning on The Word. The enemy tried to snatch up the Word I heard from God. I doubted, got really confused, and started to even feel that I was about to take the wrong path—but God confirmed what He said.

I will say that when we decide to trust The Almighty we will begin to notices several signs confirming that we did right by trusting in Him. When we get these precious insights, it makes us feel like happy little children because our Father is proud of us.

My faith is surely being tested, but God did say in Hebrews 11:6, that without faith is impossible to please Him. Therefore, I’m learning to live according to how God originally designed me to live—from faith to faith. I am assured everyday as I continue to meet new people, as the mailing list grows, and as people give feedback based on the devotionals they read—that I am in the right place and doing the right thing.

I will say that it’s not easy, but life is tough on us. What I do know is that when I welcome The Holy Spirit into every situation and decision I’m faced with, He makes things so much easier for me. I am now growing to a new level in my Christian walk and it is very exciting. I continue to ask for your prayers and support as I run this race. You can be doing many things with your time, but you took some out to spend it on this website, and for that I am very appreciative. Always remember to keep God first by making Him Lord over your life, you will not regret it.

The First Month In Ministry is a Wrap

My first month in ministry is officially a wrap, and the one word I’m using to describe the newness is—interesting.

I chose interesting due to the good and not so good, I incurred. I will start with sharing the good. I love knowing I am free in Christ, and I’m comfortable with the woman God is molding me into. I have assurance knowing I am walking in the purpose originally carved out for my life. I spent years trying to fit into a lifestyle I was not created for. Now that I am living my tailor made life, there is joy and a peace that passes all understanding—because it fits.

It seems surreal, observing my own actions as I strive daily to live a life of obedience while running a ministry for Christ. I never seen myself doing this or being at this destination. Though I have many faults and shortcomings, the Word of God will help me to grow in these areas as I mature.

Women of Beaver Ruin, you humble me with words of inspiration and encouragement. I also received numerous responses from people expressing how the devotionals touched them. The feedback often leaves me speechless. I am but a vessel used of the Lord to minister to the people He puts in my path. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough, because we are all in this together.

Furthermore, LQM has been blessed with a weekly financial seed from a wonderful young woman. Her commitment to sowing her seed is admirable.

Now let me express the challenges thus far. Before my first week ended, I encountered a situation on a social media site with a young woman. She began sharing some unbiblical teachings with me through messages on the social site, She stated that these messages were from God and He wanted her to share them with me—she would not stop sending them. The enemy wanted me to read these messages so he could plant them in my mind and spirit. It was an obvious spiritual attack from the enemy. Though I summed it up well on this post, it was not that simple dealing with the situation.

In addition, for three weeks, the enemy tried to pull and drag me into a deep depression. When I resorted to sharing my story with other believers, going deeper in my word, prayer and praise he, moved to a different tactic. He has now been attempting to distract, tire, overwhelm, and drain me before I can accomplish God’s plan.

Yes, I feel like I am in a daily fight, some days are easy going while others are very tough to push through to get tasks completed. However, the assurance I have comes from knowing I am not, nor will I ever be alone in this. My job is to follow the leading and directing of the Holy Spirit in obedience. God has equipped me with everything I need to carry out His plan. My obedience and use of my weapons allow God to work His plan through my life.

When I answered the call into ministry, I did not expect it to be full of happy times and smiles. I know I’ll have blessings and great moments along with seasons and moments of intense testing and trials. No matter what, my desire is to continue trusting in my Lord to provide me with everything I need to stay in this race. So please keep me in prayer because this is a huge responsibility.

Again, I am appreciative of every read devotional, website visit, forwarded email, social media engagement, prayer, phone call, feedback/comment and financial blessing.

Until the next journal post, be blessed!


The Difference A Year Made

I opened my eyes on Tuesday January 1, 2013, and without hesitation I opened my mouth to thank and praise my Lord for another year. After praise and worship, I went into my routine bible reading and prayer time.

Today would mark the date of completion for my new website. Like a child on Christmas morning, I hurried down to my laptop to view the final additions that took place overnight.

I was amazed at the changes before my very eyes in just a short time. I had grown familiar with the website for the past two weeks, but the new changes were an added bonus.

There it was, the vision God planted in my spirit less than one full month ago, was starring right back at me. The seed planted for LaTanya Quinn Ministries has come to fruition, after thirty-six years of preparation.

Before I knew it, my eyes filled with tears. I cried with a heart of joy and thanksgiving, thinking back to my life and how it looked only one year ago. At the time, my goals were to draw closer to God, grow my art business, find a new job and get my finances back in order. However, God knew it was time to walk in the purpose in which He created and molded me to walk in.

As I reflect a full year later, many milestones have taken place in my life. Now I’m walking in my divine created purpose instead of my LaTanya planned purpose.

The changes manifested in my life in 2012 are as follows:

  • I experienced an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit, deliverance from strongholds, and a life changing testimony during a fast in April
  • I began writing my first book in June
  • Called into ministry in July
  • New Job in media/advertising sales in September
  • Blessed to see my 36th birthday in October
  • Ministry vision revealed in November
  • Called to publish a new magazine title in November
  • Ministry is Incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) December
  • Completed the full set up of the ministry and website December

My first blessing of this year came in the form of a birthed ministry.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to my wonderful parents my Dad George and Mommy Lynette. Your unconditional love, prayers, fasts, telephone conversations and encouragement continue to bless me. Thanks for my sisters Shenetta and Denise, and my brother LaFrance. I appreciate your support, love and prayers.

When God took away my worldly indulgences and set me free. People whom I thought were my friends scattered. People I thought would be happy for my call into ministry were not.

I sincerely thank the people that continue to pursue our friendship no matter how much I speak of Jesus. For every person that has ever prayed for me over the years, thank you.

To Gerren of GarrenKeith Photography, and Shermika Dunner my copy editor, I appreciate your part in this.

Finally, Monica of Upenzi, you were such a blessing to me. It was a pleasure working with someone as professional, talented and dedicated as you are.

Make 2013 the year you decide whom you will serve. Will you serve God, or will you continue to serve the world?