Where Have I Been???

LaTanya First Speaking

LQM family I miss you, but I’ve been tucked away allowing the Lord to minister to me. Ever since the problems with my eyes, a few months back, I’ve endured some tough moments trying to bounce back. When I did get back in the flow, I returned with the Marriage and Singles Series (which I still plan to complete), while still dealing with some personal trials. When you answer the call God has placed on your life, you open yourself up to new challenges. They are intended to stretch you to reach the level and the people God wants you to minister to.

God knows what’s truly in our heart and we’re the ones that don’t. We think we’re fine, and though we may be in many ways, there is still something the Holy Spirit see’s that needs to come out of us. Sadly, mine was complaining and murmuring about something I’ve been dealing with for a while—what a conviction. I didn’t even realize it until recently. I’m just glad that I know what may have been blocking me from growing.

Tests are far from simple or easy. God will make sure we are 110% dependent on Him for every single need in our life, while being grateful and thankful for the good and bad, rather it turns out our way or not. God is our provider and walking by faith means that life is daily. As long as we have what we need for that day, let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. My life is pretty unmanageable to plan even a month ahead. Just like the manna and quail God rained down from Heaven to the Israelites daily—He wants our total dependency on Him to be the same.

Thank God that I have my strong Christian family in Detroit (my parents, sister and brother), and a couple of close friends here in Atlanta that have been encouraging me every step of the way.  They have not only been there for me but have helped me when I needed them most. They didn’t push me away (when I cried) while only praying for me (which prayer is still awesome). They rose to the challenge and went above and beyond with emotional and financial support.

Sometimes we have to let go and be still while the Lord performs His work in us. It’s often painful but worth it in the end. Overall I’ve still been working. I’ve been studying the bible a lot and I had my first speaking engagement through LaTanya Quinn Ministries on this past Saturday November 15th.

That moment meant a lot because my goal was not to initiate contact with any organizations, churches, or ministries involving speaking until my Heavenly Father felt it was time.

With my consultative selling background that was tough, but in obedience, I let God align that moment.

When you wait on God, you get more than what you could dream on your own. It was an honor and privilege to be used as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to get His message to those in attendance. Galetha Beard and the Women of Vision team were amazing. I was blessed by the opportunity more than they can imagine. The topic was “Daughters Are You Walking in Your Destiny or Defeat?”

The speaking moment reminded me of my blessings and that I am aligned with the plan and destiny God has for my life. I can also look back and reflect on how far I’ve come and how the Real, True, Living God has transformed and is transforming my life with His power. Regardless of my past, I am not a victim but a victor! Regardless of those that hurt me along the way I thank them! I thank them for pushing me into my destiny. Now that I know who I am, nothing can stop me. My being here was planned by God, so I am not an afterthought. I am looking forward to the future He has for me. In the meantime, I want to let you know that I love you and I thank you for being a part of my journey.

If you are in need of prayer during this time in your life, please reach out and we will be honored to pray for you! God Bless

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