The Difference A Year Made

I opened my eyes on Tuesday January 1, 2013, and without hesitation I opened my mouth to thank and praise my Lord for another year. After praise and worship, I went into my routine bible reading and prayer time.

Today would mark the date of completion for my new website. Like a child on Christmas morning, I hurried down to my laptop to view the final additions that took place overnight.

I was amazed at the changes before my very eyes in just a short time. I had grown familiar with the website for the past two weeks, but the new changes were an added bonus.

There it was, the vision God planted in my spirit less than one full month ago, was starring right back at me. The seed planted for LaTanya Quinn Ministries has come to fruition, after thirty-six years of preparation.

Before I knew it, my eyes filled with tears. I cried with a heart of joy and thanksgiving, thinking back to my life and how it looked only one year ago. At the time, my goals were to draw closer to God, grow my art business, find a new job and get my finances back in order. However, God knew it was time to walk in the purpose in which He created and molded me to walk in.

As I reflect a full year later, many milestones have taken place in my life. Now I’m walking in my divine created purpose instead of my LaTanya planned purpose.

The changes manifested in my life in 2012 are as follows:

  • I experienced an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit, deliverance from strongholds, and a life changing testimony during a fast in April
  • I began writing my first book in June
  • Called into ministry in July
  • New Job in media/advertising sales in September
  • Blessed to see my 36th birthday in October
  • Ministry vision revealed in November
  • Called to publish a new magazine title in November
  • Ministry is Incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) December
  • Completed the full set up of the ministry and website December

My first blessing of this year came in the form of a birthed ministry.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to my wonderful parents my Dad George and Mommy Lynette. Your unconditional love, prayers, fasts, telephone conversations and encouragement continue to bless me. Thanks for my sisters Shenetta and Denise, and my brother LaFrance. I appreciate your support, love and prayers.

When God took away my worldly indulgences and set me free. People whom I thought were my friends scattered. People I thought would be happy for my call into ministry were not.

I sincerely thank the people that continue to pursue our friendship no matter how much I speak of Jesus. For every person that has ever prayed for me over the years, thank you.

To Gerren of GarrenKeith Photography, and Shermika Dunner my copy editor, I appreciate your part in this.

Finally, Monica of Upenzi, you were such a blessing to me. It was a pleasure working with someone as professional, talented and dedicated as you are.

Make 2013 the year you decide whom you will serve. Will you serve God, or will you continue to serve the world?










  1. Latanya, Congrats on launching your website. may God bless you every step of the way!

  2. Nicole R. says:


    The website is beautiful. Congratulations!! I am so proud of you and am very touched by your testimony. May God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors and continue to order your steps!

  3. Tyisha Hudson says:

    This is awesome Tanya, we had convos about God back in the day and I am familiar with your spiritual foundation and one thing is for certain God never gives up on us and again I thank you for sharing this because it gives me courage about alot of things, I’m looking forward to more.

  4. Shenetta uinn says:

    Im so proud of you sis. I started tearing up as i read this. Im so glad you found the comfort & growth that you needed. I may not talk to you like i should but i support you 100% in anything you do. Im glad you made this site. Now when im feeling a lilttle down i can come here and read something positive to pick me up. A lot of stuff you went thru i’ve experienced it myself, so i can relate. I love you Tanya…I wish you much success in the future…

  5. Amina Gillespie says:

    I am so so proud do you sis. Love the direction you’re going and may God give you more, and more blessings. I am very impress, and happy for you. Lots! and Lots! of Love.

  6. Omg, I feel truly blessed to have come accross this website on mere accident, but it was faith that brought me here. I could feel The Holy Spirit just sweeping all over my body while reading this. I have read each and every page on your website and your testimony has just given me even more of a drive. Thank God for this, this, reading your testimony was exactly what I needed. It was confirmation to not be scared. It was confirmation from God saying “Raven, go forth and witness, go forth and teach–GO FORTH AND MINISTER TO MY PEOPLE, RAVEN.” Thank you so much Mrs. Latanya. I don’t even know you personally but you have my FULL support in everything that you do. I live far from you, but I hope to become as involved as I can in support from you. And God is just so good. The way He improved your life and turned you around like that. THAT’S AMAZING. PRAISE GOD. I am actually on a fast right now. I am fasting from people and I am also fasting from social media, which I do not use much of, so I deleted my Instagram app. I have also decided to separate myself from those who I do not feel compelled to be in company of so that I can get closer and grow with God. I even have a 21 fasting journal and I just got the most amazing study Bible, ever created. (The Holman Christian Study Bible is GREAT.) I am actually in the midst of turning myself, MY BODY into a ministry. I am asking The Lord to transform me and to allow me to be a vessel so that I can get the word out to His people. His young people. MY GENERATION of people, considering that WE ARE THE NOW GENERATION. We are the ones in college and planting our futures for marriage and children, but we cannot prosper without The Lord by our side. I thank you so much for sharing your story. You have no idea how much you have blessed me. Take care and be blessed love.

  7. support for you*

  8. Ms. Raven it was such a joy to stop by to read your post. I don’t know how you found me either, but I’m happy that you did. God is amazing and He can do amazing things through you if you surrender to Him. What I’ve learned is that when He has gotten you to a point of being able to use you, the way He originally intended to use you, it’s time to watch out. I wish you nothing but the best in what you do. Life totally committed to Jesus is such a beautiful thing. Feel free to stay in contact and spread the word to other women you may know. Thank you!

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