The Married and Singles Series – Love Her Respect Him

Today marks the seventh and final installment of the series and I hope it has blessed you in some way. God created marriage so you would not be alone, but as we explored thus far, the purpose is more than a cure for loneliness. Whether married, single, divorced, or widowed your salvation through Jesus Christ […]

The Married and Singles Series – Guarding Against Temptation

Thus far we’ve explored What is a Christian Marriage, Attracting Adam, The Successful Single Parts 1 and 2, and It’s Not All About You. Since marriage is a union joined together by God, the enemy is always active in attempting to tear it apart. For those that have gone through many marital tests over the years, […]

Are You Walking In Your Destiny or Defeat?

I think it only make sense to write about the topic I ministered on last week. It’s a question we are to ask ourselves daily. As Christians, we are often living a life of defeat opposed to walking in the destiny God has ordained for us. Scripture teaches that we are more than conquerors through him […]

Where Have I Been???

LQM family I miss you, but I’ve been tucked away allowing the Lord to minister to me. Ever since the problems with my eyes, a few months back, I’ve endured some tough moments trying to bounce back. When I did get back in the flow, I returned with the Marriage and Singles Series (which I […]

The Married and Singles Series – It’s Not All About You

I can’t speak for marriages outside of a Christian union joined together by God, but when you belong to Christ your marriage is to glorify Him. When you accept the calling, you willingly open yourself up to the job and the purpose God desires to bring about. A healthy marriage will bear good fruit. It […]

The Married and Singles Series – The Successful Single Waiting on God Part 2

  As you go through the preparation season, before God gifts you with the desire of your heart to enter into a loving and fulfilling marriage, let’s consider some things. This is the stage where you’re to examine and be brutally honest with yourself. It’s a time when welcoming and cooperating with the Holy Spirit, […]